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When clients hire an interior designer who is a member of industry organizations such as ASID (American Society Of Interior Designers) and IIDA (International Interior Design Association) they have the confidence of knowing they are hiring a designer who has received a required level of education and experience in the field.

Cathy Hobbs Design Recipes can be brought in at various stages. Whether you just moved into your dream home, desire a complete overhaul, or are just ready for some changes, we can execute the desired vision.

Elegant, crisp, stream-lined, our design work translates to various styles.

Green Design

Looking for sustainable design solutions? From using environmentally friendly materials, finishes, furniture and fabrics to incorporating green and sustainable design into every aspect of the interior design solution, design recipes is the perfect choice for green living. Cathy Hobbs (ASID), the owner of design recipes is a LEED AP, an accreditation given to individuals recognized for their knowledge and expertise of Green and Sustainable Design and the LEED rating system through the U.S. Green Building Council.

Currently, there are only 77,000 LEED AP's in the entire country, only 3,000 of them interior designers. Whether looking to design a single space or an entire home or new development project, Cathy Hobbs continues to offer impeccable, tailored designs in coordination with the guidelines of LEED. Clients looking for a green design solution by a New York City based green designer credentialed by The U.S. Green Building Council as an expert in LEED will find the beautiful, timeless designs they have come to expect from Cathy Hobbs' designs, incorporating sustainable, environmentally friendly choices.

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Member of ASID (American Society Of Interior Designers) and IIDA (International Interior Design Association), Credentialed by USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council)