Interior Designer Cathy Hobbs,

Cathy Hobbs

Services : Virtual Staging

At Cathy Hobbs Design Recipes, we believe that nothing takes the place of actual staging, allowing a potential buyer to truly see, touch and visualize how a space looks and feels furnished. Many buyers simply cannot visualize an empty space or blank canvas. Even so, virtual staging provides a budget-friendly alternative to actual staging.

Virtual staging is a form of staging in which a photograph is taken of a space and then furniture is digitally placed into the space, allowing a potential buyer to visualize the space with the help of what is, in essence, a computer rendering.

Real estate renderings have always served as a critical sales tool when it comes to new developments and construction. Developers have long used computer renderings to help a potential buyer visualize a completed space as it relates to finishes and materials, especially during the pre-construction phase, when the home or development is either yet to be built or not completely finished.

Cathy Hobbs Design Recipes works in the following programs to achieve our crisp, vibrant, photo realistic renderings for virtual staging, AutoCAD, AccuRender, 3D Studio Max, Sketch-Up, Revit, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.